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Represents a list of arguments being passed to a Function
Represents an Operator which can be used in mathematical expressions
A simple implementation of a prefix tree for better parsing Only supports ASCII characters
An expression which has been compiled with Crunch.compileExpression(String) and can be evaluated with CompiledExpression.evaluate(double...)
Represents a mathematical or boolean constant which can be used in an expression
Public API methods for compiling expressions
Legacy, redirects to ExpressionEnv
Represents an environment containing functions that can be called in expressions
Utility class with some methods for parsing base 10 numbers (only ints and doubles for now) that are faster than the standard Java implementation
Represents a function which can be called in expressions whose environments have it
Represents a lazy function call with other lazy values as function arguments
Represents a parsed token
An enum which represents the various types of Tokens
Represents a lazy value which can be evaluated